A Guide To Lisbon

Almost completely rebuilt after an earthquake on All Saints’ Day in 1755, Lisbon is a perfect blend of modern and historic. The Catholic influence can be seen throughout the city; on the architecture, monuments and of course the numerous churches, with this being mixed with the vibrant nightlife. There’s something for everyone in Lisbon, so read on and see what’s in it for you! 

Where to eat

While there’s plenty of top restaurants and cafes throughout the city, the Time Out Market is the number one location for food lovers. It has everything from burgers and fish to local Portuguese cuisine, just wander round the square and take your pick.

Where to drink

Pensao Amor and Maria Caxuxa are two great stand-alone bars, but to get the best Lisbon drinking experience I’d recommend a bar crawl through Bairro Alto, the city’s best known area for boozers. Most hostels will have organised bar crawls, and if not then join one! The bar crawl guides know the best places to go.

What to see

There’s plenty of great attractions in the Portuguese capital. The Sao Jorge castle takes a little bit of effort to reach but the climb is well worth it. It’ll give you a spectacular view of the clustered houses and their coloured rooftops, along with an insight into medieval life in Lisbon. Once you’ve worked your way down from the castle, jump on one of the iconic yellow trams which rattle through the narrow streets, a thrill in itself as well as a unique way to get to your next destination.

A can’t miss landmark of Lisbon is the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Belem Tower. This fortified tower that overlooks the Atlantic is an impressive structure that only costs 6 euros for adults and is free for kids 14 and under, great value for such an important symbol of the city.

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