Best Places to Visit in France

There are plenty of great European countries to visit but France has a certain je ne sais quoi about it. Why you ask? The stylish people, the exquisite cuisine, some of the best museums and art galleries and of course, beautiful cities with all of the above. When you’re thinking of a trip to France, Paris probably comes to mind first. While a trip to the capital is highly recommended (see below), France has a lot more to offer that you perhaps weren’t aware of. Here’s our little list of the best destinations in France for you to ponder over. C’est la vie! 


Pont de Pierre is the bridge over the river Garonne, which divides the city in two. I love those kind of cities; split by a river with a beautiful bridge which is postcard material day or night. Bordeaux is the perfect size too: just small enough that you can walk everywhere you want to go but big enough to always find something new. The Place de la Bourse is the best known attraction in the city, with the magical water mirror reflecting the buildings on the other side. Last but not least there’s the wine. Dabble in a spot of vineyard wine tasting, or just enjoy the high standard of restaurant red.


The fourth most populated city in the country, Toulouse is a typical French trip away; museums like Saint-Raymond and the Fine Arts Museum; religious landmarks like the Saint-Etienne cathedral and the Saint-Sernin Basilica; and a square that’s the centre of city life. When you’re not busy culturing yourself then enjoy a spot of rugby with the terrific local team or the not as terrific football team.


The second city of France is also its oldest and can more than hold its own against Paris. Marseille has its own Notre Dame cathedral, has been a European Capital of Culture and its Port is one of the most famous in all of Europe. It’s there you can get a breakfast, lunch or dinner with the perfect view and watch life in Marseille pass you by.


Of course no list of the best French cities could leave off Paris. With its sheer size and number of things to do you could visit Paris twenty times and it wouldn’t be enough. The Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, The Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe are some of the most famous landmarks in Europe never mind France. Terrific nightlife and an abundance of top restaurants only add to joie de vivre of this splendid capital.

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